Best Apartment for Expatriates in Surabaya

Accommodation in Surabaya

Surabaya is Indonesia's second largest city (after Jakarta) and has long been a major trading center. The majority of expatriates and foreign professionals prefer to live in west Surabaya. This is partly related to the area's large expat community and numerous amenities that appeal to foreigners, such as international schools, supermarkets with imported goods, and golf courses.

In west Surabaya, some of the most prominent and cozy neighborhoods are apartments.  

Best Apartment options in Surabaya that are popular with expatriates:

1. Waterplace Residence & De Residence

Completed in 2008, Waterplace Residence was wrapped with a touch of the Mediterranean;  pioneered the high-rise residential development in the West of Surabaya.   

The unique feature of the development is of course the swimming pool. There are a total of seven thematic swimming pools, namely a beach pool, children’s play pool, lap pool, a semi Olympic, indoor pool, De Residence’s pool and the most talked about is the 300 meter long river pool that encloses the perimeter of the condominium Towers. 

Strategically located, it is just across Pakuwon Mall and a short drive to at least 3 international golf courses in the west of Surabaya.

Location: Puncak Indah Lontar Timur no 3-5, Surabaya Barat



2. La Riz Mansion

Among  all the high-rise residential developments in Pakuwon Mall Superblock, La Riz Mansion is designed to be the most luxurious with quality and provides the finest facilities and amenities from a swimming pool, library, gym and a multi function room. 

Situated above the Pakuwon Mall, La Riz has easy access to the largest selection of merchandise and restaurants in the shopping mall. Owing to its height, the condominium enjoys a panoramic view of the city as well as three world class golf courses in the area.

La Riz is meticulously designed to provide comfort, enjoyment and convenience for the whole family. Is it a residential development highly recommended for those who seek only for the best.

Location: Pakuwon Mall, Puncak Indah Lontar Timur no 2, Surabaya Barat



3. La Viz Mansion

Triumphantly rising above Pakuwon Mall, West Surabaya, La Viz Mansion will be the latest residential development planned for the Superblock.  This 37 storey luxury condominium development is planned with 319 designer units. Similar to the building specification of La Riz Mansion, this development is designed with modern architecture, tasteful interior and exquisite finishing.

In addition, what makes La Viz Mansion more out-standing is the extensive use of vertical greenery incorporated with  the  façade of the building, enhancing a balance  between modern architecture and nature. A development that promises a sustainable eco green environment. 

A Sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of urban living.

Location: Pakuwon Mall, Puncak Indah Lontar Timur no 2, Surabaya Barat



4. Graha Golf

Graha Golf aside from its strategic location, the condominium offers a golf-related environment and near-limitless golf views for the residents. Adopting a unique and innovative tower design, the condominium provides a wider golf course panorama from each unit, compared to other golf condominiums.

Location: Jl Raya Golf Graha Famili Towe Arion & Alexa



Many companies are becoming more confident about bringing expatriates to Indonesia as conditions gradually improve. With the arrival of these expatriates, the company must naturally provide all facilities, including housing that is within a budget.

Because expatriates have little knowledge of current regulations and other important information, it is critical that they get a good orientation in order to prepare for their move. 

It is advised that companies need the assistance of a local rental agency to find housing or residences that meet the needs of their employees. You can negotiate the price with the landlord and possibly pay in installments with the help of a rental agency like U-Nit Property.


If you are only visiting Surabaya for a short time, there are hundreds of apartments to choose from. But what if you need to stay longer but don't want to give up the comfortable bed, facilities, and on-demand service?

Then getting an apartment is probably your best option. You can visit our website here.